Get Perennial Flowers in Your Landscape

Flowers look great wherever they are planted. Perennial flowers are one of the kind of flowers. These flowers have a long life span. They can shine in your landscape for about 2 years. Perennial flowers are just like annual flowers. But annual flowers have a life span of about two seasons only.

If you are planning to plant some flowers in your landscape, go for beautiful perennial flowers. They are beautiful plus time saving. You might be thinking how they are time saving! The answer is very simple. Since perennial flowers exist for a long period of time, you do not have to grow another flower in your landscape after every season and that’s how your time is saved.

Wondering that you will have a limited options to choose from? Don’t worry, perennial flowers also have a wide variety in colors and shapes. Just like seasonal or annual flowers, perennial flowers are many in number. There are so many types of perennial flowers that it will make you confused. A long list in which every flower looks as beautiful as the remaining ones.

Make your own perennial flower garden full of colorful perennial flowers

Today we are going to help you out by sorting some best perennial flowers among thousands of perennial flowers. This will help you in choosing the best according to your demands.

Best Perennial Flowers

Top perennial flowers for your landscape:

  1. Pineapple Sage: These flowers are known for their beautiful scent of pineapple. Pineapple sage flowers are very pretty and attractive. Their red colored flowers and stems full of leafs make them look charming.
  2. Tickseed: Tickseed are bright yellow colored flowers. These flowers have a brown colored center. Tickseed are quite expensive as compare to other perennial flowers. Their prices are high because they are one of the easiest growing perennial flowers plus have a long life span.
  3. Black-eyed Susan: Even a small number of black-eyed susan are enough to bright up your landscape. They come in yellow and orange colors. Black-eyed susan starts blooming in early summer season till the late fall.
  4. Russian Sage: Russian sage are very tall in size. They look very pretty in lavender blue color. Russian sage flowers are not only known for their color or shape but their even for their pleasing fragrances.
  5. Orpine: Orpine are also known as stonecrop or live-forever flowers. Orpine flowers are small in size. They grow upright. Orpine are solely enough to enhance the look of your landscape.
  6. Catmint: Catmint are a type of perennial flowers available in white or blue colors. A single stem of a catmint contain a number of flowers attached to it. The size of the flowers are quite small but they are pretty much to make your garden look awesome.
  7. Asters: Asters is a Latin word which means “star”. Asters are the flowers which blooms between the spring and fall seasons. They are available in a lot of colors like white, indigo, violet, blue, pink and red. One thing to keep in mind before planting asters is that they require shady place to grow.
  8. Spurge: These flowers grow upright. Spurge have blue-green colored leaves arranged spirally across the stems. Spurge flowers require partial shady area for their proper growth and these flowers blooms in summer season.
  9. Cranesbill: Cranesbill flowers have an ability to resist harsh weather conditions. The flowers are small and beautiful. They are available in colors like white and pink. Cranesbill flowers blooms in late spring season to early summers.
  10. Garden Phlox: Garden phlox flowers bloom between mid summers and early fall season. Each flower consists of five petals. Garden phlox are available in a variety of colors like pink rose, lavender, red etc…

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