Fun Facts about Shamrocks

Shamrock are also known as white clover plant. It is a plant which has three leaf clover. Shamrocks are usually mistaken as a four clover leaf plant. Shamrock is named after a word i.e. “Seamrog”. Seamrog is a Irish word which means “little clover”. Little clover as in some four clover leaves are found on three clover leaf plant which is rare. Since shamrock has usually three clover leaves it is considered as a little clover.

Lesser known Facts about Shamrocks

Let us uncover some of the lesser known and fascinating yet interesting facts about shamrocks.

1. You can grow three clover leaf indoors

Shamrocks can even be grown indoors. All they need is direct sunlight. Unlike other plants shamrock barely needs moist soil and cool temperature atmosphere.

2. Four clover leaf is a variation of three clover leaf

Scientists predicted that four clover is a lil’ variation of three clover leaf. But they can’t predict the exact reason for this variation.

3. Four clover leaf are considered lucky if found on a three clover leaf plant

It is very rare to find a four clover leaf on a three clover leaf plant. If you have a three clover leaf plant at your home and you saw a four clover leaf on it, then you are the lucky one.

4. Lucky four clover leaf is symbolizes four things

Four clover leaf is a symbol of love, faith, hope and luck. If you see a four clover on a shamrock then you will be blessed with these four things.

5. St. Patrick is the person who made shamrocks famous

St. Patrick used the three clover leaf plant for teaching Christianity while he was travelling Ireland. He believed that the Holy Spirit, Holy Trinity and Son.

6. Irish people used to give shamrocks as a present on weddings

It is given as a gift in the form of a bouquet to the groom and bride. It is given as a symbol of good luck.

7. A shamrock plant is not restricted till a four clover leaf

Once a Japanese farmer name Shigeo Obara found a 56-leaf clover on a shamrock. He was astonished by this much number on a clover. To make sure about the number he counted it twice.

8. I was a part time fun thing for children to find a four clover leaf

Children had a myth that finding a four clover leaf would make them see fairies. They used to go out in the fields to find this rare leaf. Once they find it, they waited for fairies to come and meet them.

9. Finding a four clover won’t bring you luck

Four clover is known to be lucky. But it is lucky only if you find them accidentally. Roaming around and struggling to find it won’t bring you luck.

10. Animal likes the taste of a clover

Cows, horses and other animal likes the taste of taste of shamrocks. Shamrocks has proteins, calcium and phosphorus. It is nutritious as well a tasty.

11. Is was once a symbol of Ireland

It was considered as a symbol of Ireland in 18th century. They used three clover leaf to represent heat, hands and head. For showing support and nationalism Irish people started wearing green color and shamrock print t-shirts.

12. It became illegal to wear shamrock prints

After shamrocks became a symbol of Ireland people started wearing green and shamrock prints. But British authorities banned wearing green and shamrock prints and if any person who dared to wear it was tortured and punished.

13. Shamrocks are eatable

If you have clover plant at your home or garden, you can eat them directly. There are many dishes which are name with shamrocks.

Finally to conclude with here’s an old Irish blessing for you.

May your blessings outnumber

The shamrocks that grow, And may trouble avoid you Wherever you go.

Irish Blessing

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